Globalised Compaign Welfare Society (GCWS)

Nationalised NGO

We are a Nationalised Non Government Organisation (NGO) registered at Patparganj, East Delhi Division, New Delhi-110031, India, The registration number is 68190 dated 21st January 2010.

We also registered at NGO DARPAN, National ID DL/2018/0183783 which is under NITI AAYOG an initiative of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India.

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A healthy and hygienic Indian Industrial culture, safe environment provided to women workers, stake holders & their supply chain, to provide support to all of them for implementing of social-economic/legal requirements. All the organisations must comply with legal regulations and accept the best practices worldwide client’s code of conducts. All our trainers/auditors respect the code of ethics, do not involved in conflicts of interest and comply with country regulations.


To educate women on internal committee procedures, anti-sexual harassment law, safety trainings and motivate the people for comply the social/legal regulations, sensitize policy makers, functionaries, promote activities and programmes of the Govt. as well as the people, to achieve GCWS vision in the foreseeable future. Support to Child labour and its remediation, incase of child labour find at factory or other units. We want our organisation to become a fruitful organisation to the clients and to achieve the international client’s requirements and different standard.

Our main three tasks

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    Women Safety Awareness/Active Representation

    as per Govt policy in Internal Committee (this committee based on new rule introduced for prevention of sexual harassment at workplace of women workers), we have trained lady staff and legal experts for providing strong trainings and participating in investigation field.

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    Social Auditing

    Our organsiation is conducting Sedex social audit based on ETI and other codes since 2011 and preparing assessment reports of the supply chain and conducting independent social and ethical assessment, environmental assessment, risk analysis and submit its report to the concerned buyer/supplier.

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    Children Labour Rehabilitation and Education

    Our new support to the children for taking part of education programme. We are supporting to the charitable trusts/organisations for children education.


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